Avrio Capital, Anges Québec members and Desjardins – Innovatech are making a massive investment in Intelia, a Lanaudière-based company that designs cutting-edge tech solutions for the agriculture industry.

“It’s a great day for Intelia,” said Dominic Désy, CEO of Intelia, who will be using the funds to target the market of agricultural data analytics. “Thanks to this injection of funds and our excellent contacts, the doors to the international markets are open for us,” he added.

“We’re delighted to join forces with Intelia to break into the farm data analysis market,” said Aki Georgacacos, Avrio Capital managing director and co-founder. According to him, livestock digitization is the new frontier in terms of precision agriculture, and no one is better positioned to take advantage of it than Intelia, the leader in the field.

He will get no argument from Anges Québec member and Intelia president Claude Lafleur. “Intelia is built on a solid foundation,” said Lafleur. “I’m confident that this new investment will help it rise to a whole new level.”

Since focusing on agriculture in 2013, Intelia has been hard at work revolutionizing poultry, hog, and dairy farming with the creation of ultra-high performance environmental control, data capture, and data processing tools. “Our systems use advanced algorithms to help the farmers optimize their operations and keep their livestock healthy,” explained Désy.