More pig producers will leave the industry, which is in danger of collapsing altogether, if confidence does not improve, NFU Scotland's Pigs Committee chairman Philip Sleigh told members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) according to a NFU Scotland news release.

The session was called by the Rural Affairs Committee to address the pig industry's continued plight, which has worsened since the Pig Industry Taskforce published its recommendations in August 2008 to consider possible actions to help the industry.

"We are grateful to the Rural Affairs Committee for keeping this issue on their agenda and for allowing us another opportunity to explain our concerns about the long-term viability of the industry and how to help producers get out of the mire of regulation and price volatility," said Sleigh.


"It is not too late for politicians to alter the course of legislation which is currently being drafted in order to prevent the Scottish pig industry from collapsing," continued Sleigh. "We urged the MSPs to encourage their Westminster counterparts to re-introduce capital allowances for new farm buildings, and to advocate that their colleagues in the European Parliament prevent re-drafted rules on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) from getting out of hand."

Cabinet secretary Richard Lochhead will appear before the Committee later this April to reiterate these points in a formal, written document to MSPs, according to Sleigh and the NFU Scotland news release.