BRF is reducing the sodium content in its Sadia brand, using a new technology developed by the company.

The unique technology, not seen before, allows sodium reduction without altering the taste and quality of the products. More than 40 products of the BRF portfolio were reformulated, including prosciutto, lasagna, frankfuters, seasoned chicken, and cooked and fresh sausages. In a year, it expects to take away from the market about 24 truckloads with capacity of 16 cubic meters of salt, the equivalent of 125 metric tons of sodium or 315 metric tons of salt.

"Overall, the research and development team of Sadia has spent more than 52,000 hours to develop this technology that allowed the first sodium reduction on a large scale in the country, reinforcing one more time the pioneering of the brand," says Cecília Mondino, marketing director of Sadia. The raw material used is an animal protein (chicken meat), a natural ingredient that serves as the basis for ‘meat mix’ type.


"The new technology, which is patent-pending, enhances the use of natural seasonings and spices already present in the composition of products, such as hot peppers, garlic, onion, coriander, paprika, etc.," added Fábio Bagnara, manager of research and development of BRF. It is important to note that adjustments were also made in the production units.

Other BRF healthy food initiatives

The announcement of the change reinforces an important movement of Sadia, which has intensified since early 2016. In January, the brand relaunched its line of healthy cold products. In March, the company launched a line of ready-to-eat dishes with new recipes without preservatives. In July, a partnership with British chef Jamie Oliver was established to launch a line of ready-to-cook dishes with natural ingredients and special attention to animal welfare.