The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to purchase shell eggs and egg products for surplus removal and distribution to those in need.

The USDA’s plans to purchase eggs and egg products are in accordance with the USDA Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS) program, where the agency buys a variety of domestically produced and processed commodity food products to provide an outlet for surplus products and encourage consumption of domestically-produced foods. USDA will deliver the eggs and egg products to schools, food backs and households across the country.

Applause from United Egg Producers

In a statement, United Egg Producers (UEP) Chad Gregory, praised the USDA for the decision to buy both surplus eggs and egg products as it will help multiple sectors of the egg industry at a challenging time.

“At a time when egg farmers and processors are experiencing some of the lowest prices in years, United Egg Producers thanks the United States Department of Agriculture for authorizing a bonus buy of eggs and egg products,” said Gregory.

“Of greater importance, this $11.7 million purchase by the USDA will help hungry American families and other vulnerable populations by deploying a high-quality source of affordable protein where it is needed most.”


Details of the egg buying program

In an announcement made on August 23, USDA said a solicitation will be issued in the near future, and all offers must be submitted electronically through the web-based supply chain management (WBSCM) website. Offers submitted by means other than the WBSCM will not be responded to.

Offerors are urged to review all documents as they pertain to this program, including the AMS Master Solicitation for Commodity Procurements dated April 2015; Amendment 1 to the Master Solicitation dated June 2015; Amendment 2 to the Master Solicitation dated May 2016; the applicable Commodity Specification(s) identified in the subsequent Solicitation(s); and the Qualification Requirements for Prospective Contractors Selling Commodities to USDA dated October 2014. These documents are available on the AMS Commodity Procurement website.

Offerors must read all terms of the applicable solicitation(s) when it is issued.

Inquiries may be made by contacting the Contracting Officer, Commodity Procurement Staff, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA, Room 3522 South Building, Washington, DC 20250; or by calling +1.202.720.4517.