Senior representatives of the poultry sector in Lebanon attended a broiler and breeder seminar in Beirut organized for customers of Cobb Europe.

Specialists from the Cobb World Technical Support Team joined regional managers in a program focusing on maximizing chick output, broiler rearing and nutrition and disease control. The Cobb team spent the whole week visiting Cobb customers in Lebanon.

“The Lebanese poultry industry has always been affected by the import of poultry frozen products, and in this last decade the demand for cheaper animal protein source has increased,” said Mohamad Kallas, Cobb technical manager.

“Poultry production has witnessed an improvement and more farmers, companies and integrators are investing in poultry, which necessitates an enormous technical support from the breeding companies such as Cobb.”

Simon Boutros, general manager of Wilco pm, said, “We appreciate the time and determination devoted by the Cobb team to understand the problems we face in the region. We also thank Cobb for the field visits that we found to be very instructive and helpful.”

Alphonse Mattar, broiler production manager at Hawa Chicken, commented, “Cobb has always showed a premium level of support for its customers with the regional technical support joined by international technical experts. We appreciate doing business with Cobb and look forward to more seminars.”