PigTek Pig Equipment Group of CTB recently announced organizational changes. Sales and marketing for Porcon, Laake and Mannebeck brands of pig production equipment have been united under the leadership of Paul Smits, commercial director.

The three primary segments of PigTek Group's European sales team are organized around specific geographic territories and responsibilities:


  • The Benelux and Germany Sales Group.
  • The Export Group with sales responsibilities for the rest of the world.
  • The Inside Project Group for supporting system and project sales, under the management of Guido Klement.

The Group's product development efforts in Europe are led by Bernard Laake and Friedrich Nordbeck.

PigTek’s European manufacturing locations at Deurne in the Netherlands, and in Herzlake and Schüttorf, Germany, will intensify collaboration. As part of this integration, core manufacturing competencies will be developed at each location. The Schüttorf location will be the central logistic location for large projects.