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on September 6, 2016

EMKA Incubators expands to Southeast Asia

New key export countries for the company are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan have become new key export countries for EMKA Incubators as it develops recent expansion to Southeast Asia.

Sri Lanka’s Anurasiri Red Farm & Hatcheries has invested in six single stage VH setters with corresponding hatchers featuring the Teggnologic27 “Dry Hatch.”

Bangladesh’s Diamond Chicks confirmed its order for a complete turnkey single stage hatchery producing over 20 million day old layer chicks in the Mashok region. The hatchery will be state of the art and a flagship for the area due to being fully automated and running the Dry Hatch, which is especially suited for the hot, humid climate in Southeast Asia.

Pakistan’s Samundri Chicks new Lohmann layer hatchery is finalizing its construction and will be operational by the end of the year. With 12 115200 setters and their corresponding hatchers, the machines control the egg weight loss with EMKA Incubators Dynamic Embryo Link. As is becoming the norm for EMKA, the Samundri Chicks hatchery also is equipped with the Teggnologic27 system that provides the Dry Hatch improving quality of hatch and ensuring optimal bio-security. 

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