The Russian government has issued Resolution #918, which increases the over-quota pork and poultry meat duties and decreases duties on over-quota beef, according to a USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Gain Report.

The resolution also reduces the total poultry import TRQ volume by 300,000 MT. The U.S. share of the TRQ was decreased to 750,000 MT from 931,000 MT, said FAS. At the same time, the document increases the U.S. pork import TRQ from 40,300 MT to 100,000 MT for 2009.

Meat market experts worry that growth of over quota duties on pork and poultry in combination with reduction of poultry TRQ volume may result in an increase in the retail prices of meat and poultry in Russia and reduce its availability for consumers, FAS said.


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