MIH Marketing and Sales has recalled more than 331 tons of chicken products after it was determined that they were stored under unsanitary conditions.

According to a press release from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the agency was conducting a routine inspection, when it was discovered that there was rodent activity where the products were being stored. FSIS and MIH detained the remaining products within the facility.

Upon testing, lab results showed that the chicken products tested positive for alkaline phosphatase, showing evidence of possible fecal matter contamination.

FSIS stated that there have not been any reports of consumers experiencing adverse reactions due to consumption of chicken products that were stored at the facility.


The affected products and stores

The products subjected to recall included raw chicken breast fillets, chicken thighs, chicken drums, chicken wings and chicken tenders.  All products were in clear packages and weighed about five pounds.

The stores where the affected products were distributed to were all in Arkansas. The stores include Edwards Food Giant locations in Little Rock, Marianna, Harrisburg and Bryant; Knight’s Super Foods in Beebe and Babot; and The Chicken City Retail Stores in Whitehall, Jonesboro, Conway, Searcy, Marion, North Little Rock and Brinkley.