As a part of H.J. Baker’s ongoing efforts to provide its customers the best quality products possible, the company has announced that Dr. Malik Hashim will join its Technical Services team as the new Formulation Manager.

Hashim will be working to manage H.J. Baker’s feed formulations and continue to provide its customers with  consistent high-product quality. He will also assist in managing and supervising the company’s ongoing research studies and field trials of all products, in order to continually improve the products for customers.

“Malik has a strong background in poultry nutrition and having him come on board is a great opportunity for us to move forward with our product formulations,” said Dr. Kip Karges, Director of Technical Services for Animal Health and Nutrition.

A recent graduate of Texas A&M University with a Ph.D. and Masters in Poultry Science, Hashim received his Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine from Baghdad University. He spent the last five years working as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant of Poultry Science at Texas A&M, where he taught senior level poultry nutrition and feed formulation classes and worked on formulating diets to meet different nutrient requirements.