This year marks the 21st birthday of World Egg Day. On Oct. 14 there will be a wide range of festivals, activities, charitable events and regional campaigns taking place all over the world, promoting the power of eggs, as the highest quality source of protein you can buy.

Planned by the World Egg Organisation (WEO), this annual foodie date provides the perfect platform for communicating the numerous benefits of eggs to a worldwide audience. Julian Madeley, Director General of WEO, explains this year’s objectives: “Eggs can make a crucial contribution to our diet on an individual level, and can also help to fulfill the protein requirements of the global community. In both developed and developing populations, a high-quality source of protein is a fundamental requirement. The significant role of eggs in delivering this essential nutrient cannot be overstated, so we hope to encourage as many people as possible to be part of this year’s celebrations.”

It is all too easy to take eggs for granted but they really are nature’s ultimate source of high quality protein. With an estimated one billion undernourished people across the globe – eggs have the power to help feed the world.

A source of high quality protein is essential for:


  • Foetal development
  • Healthy brain development
  • Improving concentration levels
  • Supporting the body’s immune system
  • Essential to support the effectiveness of vaccinations and antiretroviral drugs

In developed populations eggs are also effective for weight control. Packed in their own biodegradable packaging, eggs provide a complete food solution.

Also rich in amino acids, calcium, sodium, iodine, selenium, choline and vitamins A, B, D and E, the message is loud and clear: “eggs are the answer.” They are an affordable, sustainable building block for a healthy, nutritious diet that benefits from a low carbon footprint.

World Egg Day provides an opportunity to educate people about the true value of eggs.