Oscar Mayer Natural has released an original video featuring real families and their daily back-to-school routines. However, the video takes an unexpected twist.

The brand found three families with children who were starting kindergarten and first grade. These parents had been preparing their kids for their first year of full-time school for weeks. So, Oscar Mayer Natural surprised the parents by turning the tables and helping the kids prepare mom and dad! From new school outfits to a perfectly prepared bag lunch complete with a love note, these kids pulled out all the stops to make sure their parents were just as ready as they for school.


The Oscar Mayer Natural Back to School video highlights the real and relatable moments that families experience during this hectic time of year, including the thought that goes into school lunches.

“The back-to-school season can be an emotional time for families, especially when it’s the first year a child goes off to school. We know parents have a lot on their minds,” said Oscar Mayer Brand Director Whitney Shaw. “Because Oscar Mayer Natural never uses any artificial ingredients and has a taste everyone is sure to love, it’s one thing parents can check off their list so they can focus on [more important things]."