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on September 16, 2016

CCPA Group acquires the Portuguese company DIN

The acquisition was made from the Montalva Group, a leading company in the pig, beef and related industries

The Montalva Group, a leading Portuguese company in the pig, beef and related markets, has sold the company DIN to the French company CCPA Group.

This acquisition is in line with the CCPA Group’s development strategy that aims to enhance its know-how internationally. This strategy occurs by external growth, stake held or partnership.

The DIN company, specializing in animal nutrition, is located in Santa Comba Dao, in the center of Portugal. This national major player, with strong positions on its domestic market, is renowned for its professionalism, innovation capacity and the quality of the products and services dedicated to feed manufacturers, farmers and other companies working in animal production.

The DIN company owns two manufacturing tools, one for premixes and one for pre-starter feeds and a laboratory of chemical and microbiological analyses. DIN will now be able to take advantage of the significant research and experimentation resources of CCPA Group.  

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