Perdue Farms is discontinuing the practice of inserting nasal implants or “Noz Bonz” into the nostrils of the male chickens in its breeder flocks.

The company will cease the practice, also known as beak modification, as part of the continuous improvement in its animal care program, the company stated recently.

These implants provide the males access to feed specially formulated for roosters, while physically preventing access to the feed optimized for breeder hens (which produce the eggs that go to our hatcheries). The plastic pegs prevent the rooster from reaching through hen feeders, while allowing them to have free access to their feeders and water.

 According to a company statement, Perdue Farms has discontinued ordering the implants and will completely stop the practice by January 1, 2017. The established timeline will give Perdue Farms the time needed to finish converting the feeders used by the females and to make the changes necessary so that males and females continue to receive the appropriate feed.

Tyson Foods has also stopped using nasal implants

Perdue’s decision to phase out the beak modification procedure follows one recently made by Tyson Foods. In August Tyson Foods announced that it had stopped the practice at all farms.