Co-presidents of Cobb-Vantress, Inc., Jerry Moye and Joel Sappenfield visited the new farm and hatchery complex in Suizhou City, Hubei province, which will soon begin supplying the Chinese market.         

The day began with meeting local government officials, whom Moye thanked for the continuous support of the Cobb Tong Xing project.

“We feel really lucky to have picked Suizhou for the location of our grandparent complex,” he said. “Logistically it is located in an area of central China which is very suited to poultry production, isolated from major poultry farms.”

The group then drove to the hatchery office to meet the China Tong Xing management team. During the meeting, Moye said he appreciated the team for their contributions and hard work. “We are the first breeding company to set up facilities on the ground to serve the Chinese market directly, which allows us to really understand this market better than anybody else. We are dedicated to achieving better efficiency and flock health for the whole broiler industry in this market. Setting up our own operation in China has always been a dream of mine.”


Sappenfield, who takes over as president in October following Moye’s previously announced retirement, said, “It’s very inspiring to visit this new complex of Cobb. It represents the cutting-edge management techniques that Cobb has learned across the globe. We are confident we can compete with any other poultry operation in China and beyond.”

Pelayo Casanovas, general manager of the Cobb Asia-Pacific region, added, “The Chinese market has seen great volatility in the last few years. We believe our ‘Consistent and Transparent Pricing Policy’ will meet integrators’ expectations for foreseeable costs, high quality product and consistent supply.”

The Cobb China Operation is now 85 percent staffed, employing 152 team members, and has placed five grandparent flocks.

The visitors toured the hatchery, which will start setting eggs within the month, and then went to North Star Farm where the first Cobb500 grandparent placement took place in the five production units last December.