In order to strengthen the capabilities within Cargill Animal Nutrition’s poultry EMEA team, Dr. Antonio Kalinowski has been appointed to the position of Species Technology Consultant Poultry.

Dr. Kalinowski studied Animal Science in his home country of Peru continued with his M.Sc. in Canada at McGill University, and completed his Ph.D. in poultry science in 2002 from Auburn University.

Prior to joining Cargill, he worked for various companies such as San Fernando S.A., Pronaca, Aviagen Inc. and Evonik Nutrition & Care, where he managed the Animal Nutrition Research Group.

Dr. Kalinowski will be responsible to lead the Cargill technology deployment to large broiler integrations in EMEA. He will work closely with teams across the region helping poultry businesses thrive by enabling the use of Cargill technologies and tools around nutrition such as NIR, data analysis and broiler growth modeling.