The Canadian government is investing in initiatives that would help farmers in Manitoba improve the environmental monitoring inside their poultry barns.

The investment, according to a press release from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, is part of a broader investment to improve on-farm food safety and animal welfare projects. Overall, the projects that will focus on animal welfare in Manitoba are valued at more than CA$610,000 (US$463,580). The projects are part of Canada’s Growing Forward 2 program, a five-year, federal-provincial territorial policy framework to advance the agriculture industry.

“This is the first year animal welfare projects were included in the program and the response from Manitoba farmers was extremely positive,” said Ralph Eichler, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. “Manitoba farmers continue to be innovators and leaders when it comes to biosecurity, assurance systems, animal care and food safety. We are proud to support their good work with funding from this program.”


“Farmers are committed to producing safe, high-quality foods that consumers enjoy and trust, both in Canada and abroad. Investments in biosecurity, traceability and assurance systems contribute to consumer confidence and yield greater prosperity for Manitoba farmers and their families,” added Dr. Doug Eyolfson, member of Parliament.

The government’s announcement to assist Manitoba poultry farmers coincided with announcements that the government would also help Canadian dairy and sheep farmers with animal welfare initiatives, as well as provide assistance to Manitoba leafcutter and honeybee producers.