This time next year, chicks will be hatching at the world’s largest layer hatchery, in Hebei province, China.  

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Construction started on the hatchery in late September and, once complete, it will produce 55 million layer chicks per year, and employ 40 staff. Once functional, the new hatchery will take the company from current production levels of approximately 150 million layer chicks per year to close to 200 million.

The facility, in Handan, has been commissioned by HUAYU Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd., established in 1982, and aims to be China’s largest layer company by the end of the decade.

RMB100 million (US$15 million) is being invested in the hatchery, with will see HUAYU producing Hy-Line layer chicks using HatchTech technology. Ground was broken in late September and construction is expected to take about a year.

Once complete, the hatchery will supply chicks primarily to the surrounding province, Henan, Shangdong and the north of the country.

If the hatchery, which will work at full capacity from completion, is successful, similar hatcheries will be built in other locations in China via subsidiaries.

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