New Country Organics has announced its acquisition of a nearly century-old Lubbock, Texas, feed mill and facility in order to expand the accessibility of its freshly-milled certified organic products throughout Texas and the Southwest. New Country Organics is a leading producer of certified organic soy-free feed and livestock minerals in the eastern U.S.

The newly acquired mill was formerly used to process conventional feed products, and is currently being cleaned and serviced to make it ready for organic production. The facility will serve as the company’s Southwest distribution hub, and production of certified organic feed will begin as soon as possible.

Located in the heart of West Texas’ agrarian-based economy, development of the Lubbock facility is an important step in New Country Organics’ plan to provide premium organic feeds to its customers nationwide. The new location will provide freshly-milled certified organic, soy-free feed to Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and California.  

New Country Organics is already onboarding resellers and new customers in Texas and surrounding states. New Country Organics product line includes organic feeds for chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, swine, sheep, calves, cattle, dairy cattle, horses, rabbits and alpacas, as well as animal health and soil supplements.

“Restoring the Lubbock mill is ultimately about getting closer to our growing customer base and supporting the organic community throughout the Southwest,” said New Country Organics CEO Jim Campbell. “We’re extremely proud to be part of this community and to serve the needs of our customers with organic products and a brand they’ve come to trust.”  

“We are dedicated to growing New Country Organics in a socially responsible way,” continued Campbell. “Restoring the Texas mill is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. It’s been a great pleasure to work with the former mill owners, Claude and Gerry Tatum, and the Lubbock community has been very welcoming.”