De Heus Animal Nutrition opened its first factory in Myanmar on October 1. With this new facility, De Heus gives further substance to its ambitions to further strengthen its position in Asia.

For several years, De Heus has exported nutritional products from Vietnam to Myanmar. In this period, De Heus gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the local agricultural market. Based on the conviction that De Heus can make a valuable contribution to the further professionalization of livestock farming in Myanmar, it decided to start the production of feed in the local market. The new plant has a capacity of 120,000 tons, but this capacity can be increased up to 240,000 tons. With its location in the immediate proximity of Yangon, the factory is strategically located in relation to the major local agricultural areas. De Heus Myanmar will focus mainly on the poultry sector (biggest sector in size), but also in the pig and cattle sectors.


“We are very pleased with our brand new factory. Our sole objective is to provide farmers with the best quality feed, nutritional and farm management knowledge,” said Johan van der Ban, general manager, Myanmar. “Based on our experience in Myanmar over the last few years, we can proudly say that farmers are pleased with the high quality level we provide as well. We have helped farmers to increase their productivity and scale their farm. In this way, we support farmers in realizing the highest possible conversion of feed into animal proteins and optimize business results.”