Architect Montroy Andersen DeMarco (MADGI) has completed construction on Symrise’s New York Studio and laboratory for its flavoring, fragrance, sensorial, nutritional, raw materials, and functional food ingredients lines of products.

Symrise offers more than 15,000 individual products in the flavor and nutrition markets. It serves clients in the food, beverage, pet food, nutraceuticals, and aquaculture industries. Symrise’s product lines include Discover Beef and Passion for Chicken, which offer bouillons, sauces, soups, ready meals, and other items dedicated to supporting clients in the beef and chicken markets.

Symrise delivers concepts and complete solutions that improve the sensorial and nutritional performance of foods by boosting their palatability, flavor, texture, color, and smell. These include flavors, functional ingredients, food coloring, and microencapsulated product components; and sensorial and nutritional components from naturally based ingredients.

“Symrise required a space that would align more with its dynamic corporate culture and bring together various departments formerly located on separate floors,” said Steven Anderson, MADGI’s principal.   

“Before the renovation, the sales force was on one floor and the flavor and fragrance specialists were on another, preventing the easy flow of ideas,” added Symrise Vice President Rhona Stokols.  “MADGI gave us an optimized working space, helping us to flatten the hierarchy within the office while still providing for privacy needs in terms of meetings.”

The new construction allows for enhanced person-to-person interaction. “Departmental silos have been broken down,” says Stokols. “This has resulted in building stronger teams across specialties. Smells and flavors have to be communicated in person, not electronically. So there’s a synergy that wasn’t there before—all thanks to a very successful collaboration between our team and MADGI’s designers.”

The lab area features two Modula Sintes 1.7 computerized storage systems, which accommodate all 40,000 component bottles. The system includes management software that enables item traceability so lab personnel can query inventory from their desks.