JBT Corporation and Intralox have announced a new partnership that will bring enhanced quality and exceptional value to processors who have considered or are considering purchasing structure-supported spiral freezers in their plants.

Thanks to the agreement, JBT can now offer new structure-supported spiral systems equipped with conveyor belting featuring Intralox’s patented DirectDrive System. Additionally, JBT will begin offering upgrades for Northfield low-tension freezers already in use.

“We’re thrilled with this new partnership and believe that the combination of our technologies is the very best in the industry,” said Daniel Plante, JBT’s director of sales and marketing. “Our companies share a dedication to engineering excellence as well as unrivaled expertise in designing hygienic equipment. Add to that both companies’ strong relationships with customers and it’s easy to see why this partnership works.”


Intralox Business Unit Manager Mark Drapanas said, “Intralox is delighted to support JBT in bringing the benefits of DirectDrive technology to food manufacturers, and optimizing spiral conveyance. Our companies share a commitment to delivering exceptional customer value.”

Intralox’s DirectDrive Technology offers reliable, consistent performance, improved efficiency and a significantly reduced total cost of ownership by eliminating product orientation issues, dramatically reducing unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs and increasing belt life.