A Hypor Maxter pork line, launched in October 2015, has been ranked first in a national consumer trial that compares hams for palatability and quality.

The high-end product line, J’aime, is produced in partnership by agrifood company Fleury Michon and animal nutrition company Avril and Sofiprotéol.

J’aime is a superior brand of pork that is produced by pigs that are raised without GMOs, are antibiotic free, meet strict welfare standards, produce stress negative meat and have been fed a diet with linseed. Pork producers are contracted to produce 100,000 finishers annually to meet the demand for J’aime products.

“To produce a quality product, like J’aime, meat must have a good pH level and a sufficient level of back fat,” says France General Manager Julien Briant. He explains that the Hypor Maxter produces a slightly higher level of back fat that helps to lower the drip loss and maintain the pH level after slaughter. Meat that has an ideal pH level has a long shelf life and produces a more desirable meat color.

“It is important for the meat to have a sufficient amount of fat, and also for it to be lean for the consumer,” he says. Briant adds that the Hypor Maxter has the carcass traits that meat processors want: “Pork producers receive 6.30 euros more over the standard market price to produce pigs that qualify for J’aime.”

The Hypor Maxter is a stress negative boar and free of negative (RN) gene that contributes to a positive effect on drip loss. “We have done trials that show that the Hypor Maxter has a 1 to 2 percent lower drip loss than the other sire lines that are used in the market,” Briant says. The drip loss determines how much water is lost off the carcass after slaughter. “A 1 to 2 percent lower drip loss per pig carcass is a significant amount of meat volume when multiplied with the 23 million-head French pig herd,” he says.

Briant explains that at the end of the day, the Hypor Maxter is developed to be efficient for the producer and the meat processor. “Hypor’s goal is to develop genetics that benefit all parts of the production chain—from the farm to the consumer’s plate,” he says. “Compared to other sire lines in France, the Hypor Maxter has a higher daily gain, better carcass uniformity,” he says. “That is why we see a beautiful future for the Hypor Maxter in this market.”