MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the U.S. and Canada) has announced a new partnership with WeForest, an international nonprofit association engaged in large-scale sustainable reforestation. Through the partnership, MSD Animal Health will plant more than 8,000 trees this year in areas where they are most needed. The collaboration is part of the company’s commitment to a healthier planet.

 “We are proud to participate in WeForest’s mission to restore the planet’s natural resources by planting trees,” said Taylor Barbosa, Director, Global Poultry Marketing, MSD Animal Health. “Through this partnership and the use of novel technologies such as our Sphereon, MSD Animal Health is committed to helping to reduce the impact on the environment.”

Sphereon is a novel vaccine formulation technology for the storage and preparation of live poultry vaccines. Sphereon technology freeze-dries live vaccines into small, highly soluble particles (spheres) that dissolve quickly and completely in water, with no residue. Sphereon allows for improved preparation and administration of the vaccine, as well as packaging in light-weight, 100 percent recyclable aluminum cups. The Nobilis line of poultry vaccines were the first vaccines developed using Sphereon technology.

“MSD Animal Health is committed to respecting our resources and our Sphereon technology naturally fits this initiative,” said Barbosa. “With the help of poultry veterinarians and producers that use these products, we will continue to partner with WeForest in the years to come, planting even more trees.”