Results from the January 2009 Danish pig survey show a 7% decline in the total pig population compared with a year ago, according to the European Market Survey. Disregarding the heaviest pigs from the count results in a 4% contraction in the herd.

The decline in piglets and young pigs weighing less than 50 kg reportedly reflects the recent rise in weaner exports. More than 5 million weaners are estimated to have been exported in 2008, a rise of 37% compared with exports in 2007.



The number of in-pig sows and gilts was down nearly 3% compared with January 2008. As this was the smallest contraction in the breeding herd over the last five survey points, the European Market Survey suggests there are signs of stability in the pig herd.

After increasing by an estimated 3% in 2008, gross indigenous production is forecast to decline by approximately 2% in 2009.