Throughout July and August, GlobalVetLINK (GVL) hosted a series of “VFD Survival Strategy” webinars for the industry. The recordings of those webinars are now available to watch on the company’s website or YouTube channel.

Each VFD Survival webinar focused on a specific segment of the industry – veterinarians, feed distributors, and swine, beef, dairy, poultry or aquaculture producers – with key VFD information for each audience.

The webinar series provides industry members with VFD transition and compliance information from a variety of industry experts and veterinarians. To watch the webinars, follow the links below.

VFD Survival Strategy Webinar Series include:

Veterinarian VFD Survival Strategy, with presenters Tyler Holck, DVM, MS, MBA, Feed His People LLC, GlobalVetLINK and David Nolan, DVM, Huvepharma


Feed Mill VFD Survival Strategy, with presenters Phil Lawler, Principal, PDT Consultants, GlobalVetLINK

Swine Production VFD Survival Strategy, with presenters Chris Rademacher, DVM, Iowa State University and Ron Kaptur, DVM, Pharmgate Animal Health

Poultry Production VFD Survival Strategy, with presenters Steven Clark, DVM, Devenish Nutrition LLC and John W. Hallberg, DVM, PhD, Zoetis

To learn more about the webinar series and find links to the recorded VFD webinars, click here. GVL will be hosting additional VFD webinars over the next few months as the industry prepares for expanded VFDs on Jan. 1 (visit for details).