Aviagen, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, has announced winners of the third annual Aviagen Flock Awards. Aviagen presents these honors each year to North American customers who have accomplished exceptional results with Aviagen’s exclusive Ross 708 and Ross 308 breeding hens. The winning scores exemplify the performance peaks achievable when the full genetic potential of Ross products is realized. In some instances, the scores were close, with recipients winning by less than one point. Customer performance was evaluated based on 2015 flock data.

“Reaching the top rung of performance requires a committed, cohesive team with advanced expertise and field experience, as well as strong leadership,” according to Randall Vickery, Aviagen’s Regional Technical Sales manager. “To get the most out of Ross breeding stock, minute attention to detail and sound management practices must be applied in every phase of the production cycle.”

Aviagen’s VP of Sales Frank Dougherty adds that close cooperation between Aviagen Customer Service and its customers is also essential to reaching outstanding performance with Ross breeding stock.

“Our regional North American service teams have fostered a positive and effective way of working with their customers. These established relationships, along with customer confidence in and experience with the Ross brand, are indispensable in reaching superior results with Ross breeding stock,” says Dougherty.


The winning breeders achieved the highest results in three key performance areas: total eggs per hen housed, percent of total eggs hatched and number of chicks hatched per hen housed.

Ross 708 Winners are Sanderson Farms, Kinston, N.C., Pilgrims, Guntersville, Ala., and Wayne Farms, North Alabama.

Ross 308 Winners are Keith Smith, Hot Springs, Ark., and OK Foods, Fort Smith, Ark.