Agronomist Jean Fontaine, the President and founder of Jefo, has announced a $12M investment in the construction of a new prestige building in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. The avant-garde facility (100,000 square feet) will serve as a head office and training center.

“A seamless addition to its surroundings near the Château Fontaine Vineyard, the new building will incorporate cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art architecture,” says Jean-François Fontaine, VP at Jefo. In addition to conference and meeting rooms, there will be space for technical and practical training related to the animal feed industry.

Construction is already underway, and the project will be completed in May 2017. “The creation of a major headquarters at Saint-Hyacinthe only underscores the city’s identity as a tech hub—an exclusive meeting place of various actors associated with the food biotechnology sector,” explains Emilie Fontaine, Jefo’s Marketing and Regulatory Affairs Director.

“Our goal is for the training center to become a world leader in animal nutrition,” adds Jean Fontaine. The Jefo Group is committed to the transfer of knowledge, drawing upon 60 trained experts in animal nutrition as well as its major commercial partners. For example, Jefo recently brought together more than 200 stakeholders from 18 countries to discuss the primary challenges facing the livestock industry. Seasoned speakers had the opportunity to share their knowledge and exchange ideas about how to maintain healthy, profitable production methods while satisfying the ever-growing demands of consumers.

“Knowledge, training, innovation, and growth are the keys to a future of prosperity for our agricultural industry and our farmers,” says Jean Fontaine. “We have to take pride in the work we are doing to feed the planet.”