Eaglestone Equipment, a custom design and manufacturing company, has appointed Jim Proce to the position of Sales Engineer. The announcement was made by company President Carmen Sammauro.

“Jim adds a wealth of sales talent and engineering knowledge to the firm,” said Sammauro. “He knows as much about conveyors as anyone in the market.”

Proce owned his own company (Procon Systems) for over 30 years. He specialized in supplying conveyors and conveying systems for the food, pharmaceutical and other related industries. Contemplating retirement, he sold the company to Eaglestone, but found he missed the interaction with clients. Sammauro saw an opportunity and invited Proce to join the organization. Having respected Sammuro’s engineering skills for years, Proce readily accepted.

Proce appreciates the fact that he is now part of a team with top-notch engineers and shop professionals who design and fabricate custom orders right in their own shop. “I enjoy seeing the new technology being used in the shop and the advances being made in the food conveyor industry,” he said. “It’s quite different from when I started my business with an old wooden drafting board I bought second-hand.”

“We worked with Jim for over ten years before buying his company and are happy to have him with us,” concluded Sammauro. “His former customers are also pleased for the chance to continue their relationship with him.”