In its latest effort to increase its presence in North, Central and South America, Nutriad has announced the appointment of Guilherme Bromfman as Business Development Director - Americas. In the last year, Nutriad has opened a state-of-the-art production facility in the U.S., started new partnerships and hired several technical and commercial managers.

Nutriad CEO Erik Visser said, “Nutriad has enjoyed strong growth across the Americas in recent years. Our product portfolio is supported by sound technical research and addresses the needs of livestock and aquaculture producers. Changing regulations and market requirements create new opportunities for Nutriad to apply our global knowledge into local solutions. With professional staff on the ground supported by a local supply chain, we are well positioned for further growth.”


Bromfman has an extensive track record in the feed industry, having serviced customers in Brazil and the U.S. He received degrees in agronomy and business administration in Brazil, as well as advanced business and marketing training in the U.S.

Bromfman said, “Nutriad is a well-recognized brand in the feed additives industry. I am excited to help Nutriad further develop its solutions for animal nutrition and health as there are many opportunities for Nutriad to help producers in challenging market conditions.”