The Cobb breed will play a leading role in increasing poultry meat production in Russia next year. This prediction comes from Irina Likhacheva, Cobb sales director for Russia, who spoked at the company’s regional technical seminar in Cyprus for the CIS countries.

She said that poultry meat accounts for 43 percent of all meat production in Russia, where more than 94 percent of the population eats poultry regularly. Chicken meat provides the cheapest daily requirement for animal protein—53 rubles for 390 grams of chicken compared with 143 grams for pork. 

Next year poultry production is estimated to increase further to 4.810 million tonnes with 4.760 for domestic consumption, said Likhacheva, who added, “with Cobb being the largest supplier to 11 of the 20 leading Russian poultry meat producers, the breed will play a major role in the industry’s future expansion.

Over 100 poultry specialists from Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia attended the seminar, which provided an update on breeder and broiler management from Cobb specialists. The group represented more than half of poultry production in the CIS countries.  

Patrick van Trijp, regional account manager of Cobb, said, “Celebrating the first 100 years of Cobb on this island with a lot of history, together with friends from the poultry industry, shows the fantastic relationship we have developed with our customers. Looking at their excellent results, combined with the professional technical support from Cobb and our customers, I’m sure Cobb has a bright future in the CIS countries.” 

Cobb Champion awards were presented during the seminar. An award for achieving “exceptional broiler performance” went to Zarshed Muhamadiev, owner of F H Navobod Naslli in Uzbekistan, who received the prize with chief technologist Ravshan Buldakov.

Alexandr Sovich, deputy director of Vasilievskaya farm in the Cherkizovo group, was presented with the second Cobb Champion award.