The DLG (German Agricultural Society) has announced the winners of the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016.

Four innovations were awarded a gold medal and 21 innovations received a silver medal.

DLG president Carl-Albrecht Bartmer presented the medals along with Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, the parliamentary state secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, at the formal opening of EuroTier at Hanover on November 14.

Winners of the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016 pertaining to the poultry, pig and livestock feed industries, and where their booths can be found at EuroTier 2016, include:

Gold award recipient

  • PiggyCheck, Meier-Brakenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Extertal, Germany, Hall 17, Stand D13

Silver award recipients

  • Poultry Star, Biomin GmbH, Getzersdorf, Austria Hall 4, Stand A13, and Hall 22, Stand B04
  • V-READY to Feed Optical Mix Control, Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Emsbüren, Germany, Hall 27, Stand G07.
  • VISIOMIX Dinamica Generale S.p.A., Poggio Rusco (MN), Italy, Hall 21, Stand H34, and Hall 27, Stand G23
  • CulinaFlex, Big Dutchman International GmbH, Pig Division, Vechta, Germany, Hall 17, Stand B27 -- The automated feeding of suckling piglets requires feeding systems to deliver a particularly high hygiene status.
  • Square Line, V.V.M TechTrade GmbH, Steinfeld-Mühlen, Germany, Hall 16, Stand C04
  • Konus mixing auger, TEWE-Elektronic GmbH & Co. KG, Vreden, Germany, Hall 16, Stand A04, Hall 17, Stand D04j, and Hall 25, Stand J33   
  • CHAINFEED Hopper Rotodos, TEWE-Elektronic GmbH & Co. KG, Vreden, Germany, Hall 16, Stand A04, Hall 17, Stand D04j, and Hall 25, Stand J33
  • Nutrition Easy, EW Nutrition, Visbek, Germany, Hall 22, Stand C12
  • Optima E-Control Lubing, Maschinenfabrik, Barnstorf, Germany, Hall 3, Stand B18, Hall 4, Stand A13b, and Hall 17, Stand D16
  • Polytron C300 Dräger – Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Lübeck, Germany, Hall 21, Stand D15a
  • ATLAS (Advanced Bird Transport Solution from Grower to Processor), Marel Poultry, Boxmeer, the Netherlands, Hall 4, Stand A08

Further information on the award recipients can be seen on a EuroTier 2016 press release.

Assessment criteria for EuroTier 2016 Innovation Award in gold

A EuroTier Innovation Gold Award is conferred on a product that presents a new concept and a changed functionality and the application of which gives rise to a new process or marks a substantial improvement to an existing process. The following criteria are critical for a product to earn a gold medal:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Animal welfare
  • Benefits in profitability and processes
  • Benefits to environment and energy use
  • Benefits for work load and safety

Assessment criteria for EuroTier 2016 Innovation Award in silver

A EuroTier innovation Silver Award is conferred on an innovation that has been enhanced to such an extent that a substantial improvement in its function and process can be expected from it. At the same time, it need not meet all the criteria applicable for a EuroTier Innovation Gold Award. The following criteria apply for a Silver Medal:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Benefits to work load and quality of the work
  • Improved reliability