Over 100 customers from Turkey and Northern Cyprus recently gathered in Antalya for the sixth Aviagen Anadolu seminar. For the first time, the biennial event included presentations on broiler and breeder topics.

Africa Fernández, senior technical operations manager for Aviagen Anadolu, announced the introduction of the Ross 140 and 400 Clubs at the event. The Clubs, which recognize and celebrate excellent performance results, already operate successfully in over 15 countries.

Stephen Jones, Aviagen Anadolu general manager, and Michael Garden, Aviagen Middle East and Africa business manager, provided an overview of the global poultry market and highlighted the huge potential that Turkey holds in the future of the industry.

Members of the Aviagen Global Vet Team talked about vaccine program design and sampling, while Aviagen Nutritionist Dr. Adam Sacranie presented on different phases of feed for breeders and the economic aspects of broiler nutrition. Dr. Victor Olori, Aviagen global genetic evaluation systems manager, focused on the genetic potential of Ross breeds for the future, emphasizing that the trend of visible feed conversion rate (FCR) improvement of previous years will continue.


Data Analyst Specialist Işil Özkan, Aviagen Anadolu, stressed the importance of sharing performance data, which will help customers identify key areas for improvement opportunities as well as provide vital feedback to the Aviagen breeding program.      

A Q & A session gave the audience the opportunity to address a panel of Aviagen experts on genetics, animal health, nutrition, management and hatchery subjects.

Fernández said, “I am delighted with the high number of attendees from the local industry and the positive feedback we have received. The program was based on input from our customers as to what is most important to them. Aviagen Anadolu has a deep-rooted spirit of customer service and the primary objective for our teams is to build relations with our customers and offer them advice and support, which will benefit them as well as the wider poultry industry in Turkey.”