Plans have been made to revise the National Swine Nutrition Guide, following the recent announcement from the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE) of a two-year funding commitment.

This multi-part project features a variety of information and education tools, including 33 fact sheets that will be posted on the Pork Information Gateway. It is made available to producers through the check-off levy on soybeans administered by the United Soybean Board, according to report by the Iowa Pork Industry Center.


Bob Thaler of South Dakota State University will chair the committee responsible for the revision of the guide. Committee members are named as:

  • John Patience, Iowa State University,
  • Garland Dahlke, Iowa State University,
  • Duane Reese, University of Nebraska,
  • Brian Richert, Purdue University,
  • Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University,
  • Eric van Heugten, North Carolina State University,
  • Marcia Carlson, University of Missouri-Columbia,
  • Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota,
  • Scott Carter, Oklahoma State University,
  • Hans Stein, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign,
  • David Meisinger, USPCE, and
  • Katie Beeler, USPCE.