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on November 29, 2016

EW Nutrition awarded twice for ingenuity at EuroTier

The company won two Innovation Awards from the DLG

At the start of the EuroTier fair, EW Nutrition received one of the highly coveted silver medals in the Innovation Award Contest of the DLG. The jury was convinced by the new dosing system Easy@ that allows adding liquid supplements into the feeding line of poultry.

Later during EuroTier, the company’s second innovation—Activo NoDys—was awarded from the DLV in the feedstuffs category. The innovative combination of microencapsulated secondary plant compounds supplemented with specific prebiotics and mid-chain fatty acids won recognition against considerable competition.

“In innovation prizes and an overall very satisfying course of the fair, we see as an esteem of our work and effort to develop products that really offer clear and relevant solutions to our customers,” said Dr. Heinrich Kleine Klausing, Managing Director and Head of Product Management at EW Nutrition.

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