From the 1,200 family-run chicken farms across the province, to the feed mills which process the corn and soymeal for chicken feed, to the facilities that process chicken for restaurants and grocery stores, the Ontario chicken industry generates more than CA$3.25 billion (US$2.42 billion) in economic activity and almost 20,000 jobs for the Canadian province.


These were the findings of a new research report which positions the supply managed chicken industry as a major driver of economic success in the province.

The new study titled "Growing Ontario Together: The Economic Contribution of the Ontario Chicken Ontario Industry," commissioned by Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) finds that, since 2013, the annual economic contribution that the chicken industry makes to Ontario has increased by more than 20 percent. This sectoral growth has also contributed to a subsequent 30 percent increase in wages and salaries generated by the chicken supply chain and an increase in government revenue of 28 percent.

“The supply managed Ontario chicken industry should be seen as a tremendous economic success story for Ontario,” said Henry Zantingh, Chair of CFO. “Chicken farming and its related industries continue to be an economic stabilizer for the more than 330 communities across the province in which we operate.”

“The industry has demonstrated a strong capacity for responsible and sustainable growth,” said Rob Dougans, president and CEO of CFO. “In addition to organic growth, over the past few years the chicken industry has recognized new opportunities and has expanded into new markets in order to support an evolving and emerging consumer marketplace in Ontario." 

The positive economic effects of the Ontario chicken industry are far reaching. Collectively, Ontario chicken farms, hatcheries, feed mills and processors provided CA$500 million (US$372.2 million) in federal, provincial and municipal taxes, tax revenue, supporting key programs and services that Ontarians cherish. In addition the industry contributed more than CA$1.1 billion (US$819 million) in wages and salaries to Ontarians.

The total gross domestic product of the Ontario chicken industry is estimated at CA$1.7 billion (US$1.27 billion).