During EuroTier 2016, Foodmate welcomed customers from all over the world to its booth and provided them with an interactive experience. The company introduced technological advancements, displayed food processing machines, gave live demonstrations and offered hands-on experience.

In the demo room, Foodmate introduced the MAX6000, a cutting-edge breast cap filleting system. The MAX6000 has been developed to debone up to 6,000 breast caps per hour on a new specially designed dual-track.

Each track line runs 3,000 breast caps per hour at the same time and they are both capable of producing the following products: single fillet with tender, single fillet without tender, butterfly fillet with tender, butterfly fillet without tender, and tenders separately

The MAX6000 gives users the option to run two different processes simultaneously; for example, a butterfly process on track 1 and a single fillet process on track 2. These innovations come pre-programmed with the MAX6000. The multifunctional touchscreen is easy-to-use and intuitive. Software includes features such as batch control, maintenance programs, etc. Its compact design allows the MAX6000 to produce a high volume of product on minimal floor space, and the open design makes for easy cleaning.

Another introduction was the latest version of the OPTI Thigh Deboning solution, which is now available with an efficient kneecap harvesting unit. This new unit can also be installed in the existing OPTI TDs.

A newcomer in the Foodmate deboning line is the Maxima LT, based on the popular Maxima. The Maxima LT is a semi-automatic system for breast cap filleting. After loading the product on the Maxima LT, it will automatically separate the skin and the wishbone from the breast cap. On the opposite side of the loading area, the Maxima LT provides room for four to five workers for manual breast meat harvesting.