Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s top meat and feed producer, has harvested 42 percent more grain in the Central Black Earth region than it did in 2015.

The Voronezh region has delivered the Group’s strongest harvests during the 2016 campaign. A total of 57,000 tons of wheat and 80,000 tons of corn were harvested on the fields of Nizhnedevitsk, with respective yields of 6,100 kg per hectare and 11,200 kg per hectare.

Dmitry Garnov, head of the Group’s grain farming segment, commented: “The record harvest we have achieved this year would not have been possible without the investments we have made in new technology and the skill of our team. We have deployed high-intensive technologies in soil treatment and used the highest grade market and hybrid seeds, which have delivered these exceptional results. The Group will continue to invest in expanding its fleet of advanced agricultural vehicles and upgrading technology to allow us to increase both capacity and efficiency over the coming years.”