Allen Harim has introduced Oasis All Natural Chicken, a new name and look for its halal chicken products. Oasis will replace the current Al Mazra’ ah halal brand.

The new packaging and logo are designed to emphasize what’s most important to consumers when choosing poultry products -- and to make it clear to them that Oasis All Natural Chicken will meet their high standards.

Jack Coleman, senior director of sales and marketing at Allen Harim, says the introduction of the Oasis brand illustrates an ongoing commitment to providing consumers with quality products and services.


“Customers tell us they want more than halal; they want to know the chicken itself is of premium quality, safe and all natural,” said Coleman. “We are very pleased by the progress of our halal line and believe this new look and feel will please our customer base and encourage even more growth.”

Oasis All Natural Chicken is produced, packaged and certified to the highest halal standards according to Sharia Law. It is also 100 percent vegetarian fed – healthy for the body while fulfilling spiritual needs.

The new Oasis All Natural Chicken packaging began appearing in local grocery stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions in November. Consumers are encouraged to ask their local grocer for more details.