Roxell has introduced the Natural Beak Smoothing system to solve a challenging issue for poultry farmers—beak treatment. The concept provides a preventive measure to reduce damage caused by injurious pecking, such as feather pecking, vent pecking and cannibalism, thus improving livability and uniformity of the flock. For many farmers, cosmetic treatments are a necessary evil with many risks. The known methods, trimming in hatchery or debeaking on farm, are relatively laborious and time consuming.

Beak treatment also causes stress with birds, which has an impact on their performance early in the production cycle. Making an open wound where bacteria can enter freely could cause infections, resulting in an increased mortality.

The welfare of birds increasingly gains importance in the poultry industry, resulting in banning cosmetic treatments. Animal welfare standards vary significantly from country to country. Recent developments in certain countries indicate that beak treatment of broiler breeders and laying hens is—or will be—forbidden in the near future.

Roxell’s Natural Beak Smoothing system meets these specific market demands and animal welfare regulations. The design features a rough structured bottom pan, so beak growth is controlled continuously while the broilers are fed. This new solution guarantees bird performance, feed savings and compliance with animal welfare regulations; and it prevents stress on the bird.


The Natural Beak Smoothing concept exemplifies Roxell’s commitment to taking the lead to provide a high-quality, durable solution for new market trends and upcoming animal welfare regulations.

Yousef Daoud, Roxell Product Manager, explains: “At Roxell, we believe we should use nature as a reference to develop new feeding solutions. The animal behavior and the design of our feeding systems go hand in hand. Therefore, we have launched the Natural Beak Smoothing concept.”

More than three years of development and testing resulted in this innovative product that was presented in a black box to experience the Natural Beak Smoothing of Roxell. The Roxell team explained the concept and test results in terms of feed saving (3g per bird per day), less mortality (2%) and a better fertility at the poultry forum at EuroTier.