Tim Hodgetts has been appointed Sales Director of EmTech’s Hatchery Systems.

Hodgetts originally joined Buckeye Incubator Company as a Sales Manager and successfully grew the business in his territories around the world. In 1998 ChickMaster acquired Buckeye and Hodgetts continued to develop new markets and establish lasting business relationships. In 2008 he went on to manage, what was then, the largest hatchery in the UK, PD Hook’s Cote Hatchery in Oxfordshire. For the next five years Hodgetts was responsible for producing over two million day old chicks per week and gained invaluable experience into the production side of the incubation business.


In 2013, Hodgetts became Head of Sales at Lumicity Limited. After that, he was Business Development Manager of LA System, specializing in delivering poultry farm equipment, service and support.

“Tim is a great asset for EmTech and exactly what we need to take the business forward,” said Ken Baker. “Not only does he have many years of experience in the incubation sector from many sides of the business but he has made lasting relationships around the world that will be useful as we grow the business.”