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on December 8, 2016

Cherkizovo introduces organic chicken product line

Chistiy Produkt is Russian company’s new line of organic chicken products to be marketed under the Petelinka brand

Cherkizovo Group has launched ‘Chistiy Produkt’ (Pure Product), a new, affordable organic line under the Petelinka brand.

Cherkizovo, Russia’s largest meat, poultry and feed company, developed this line based on increased consumer demand for organic produce. The Chistiy Produkt line includes cutlets, sausages, barbecue meat and various products for oven roasting, and all the products are made using only poultry meat and spices, according to a press release from the company. The Chistiy Produkt foods are all manufactured in the Moscow region at one of Russia’s largest poultry production facilities.

According to Cherkizovo, removing food additives makes the labelling more transparent and gives consumers more confidence in the semi-finished products they purchase.

Modern sophisticated meat processing technology, along with logistics optimization, enables Cherkizovo Group to produce value added products without any additives or preservatives, the company said. The products are processed and packaged in accordance with the strictest sanitary and biosafety requirements, and are delivered to stores in the shortest possible time frame to preserve the freshness of the products.

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