Dutch food company Wegdam Holding has taken over the assets of troubled French poultry company Tilly Sabco, effective December 17.

Tilly Sabco was placed in receivership on July 29, 2016 by the Commercial Court of Brest with a six-month observation period.

According to a press release from Wegdam Holding, the new Tilly Sabco will be concentrating primarily on the production of chicken sausages and packing frozen foods. In the near future it will set up a logistics hub for the Wegdam Food Group.

Wegdam expects Tilly Sabco International SAS, as the new company will be named, to grow from 61 employees to more 100 employees, preferably all former employees and/or hired from the local neighborhood of Guerlesquin. Wegdam is planning to invest considerably to realize this growth. 


Wegdam a growing international company

Wegdam Food Link BV, based in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, is one of the largest exporters of frozen food to Africa and has a vast distribution network for these products. In Ghana, it is the largest distributor and exploits several cold stores spread over the entire country. This year, Wegdam opened a sales office in Brazil.

Wegdam’s main products are frozen chicken, meat and fish as well as dry foods such as sunflower oil and canned fish. WEGDAM developed several well-known food brands in Africa, with Nana and Chef Special©being the most popular. This in combination with the newly owned brands and products from Tilly Sabco, Wegdam will enlarge its markets in Africa, according to the press release. It is also expected to create possibilities to expand the company’s reach to the Middle East.

Wegdam currently has an annual turnover of almost US$100 million.