Neovia has announced the acquisition of Agranix, a French company that manufactures boluses and premium dietary products for ruminants and horses. This acquisition will allow Neovia to strengthen its portfolio of products and solutions, consolidate its positions on the specialty nutrition market, and complement its expertise in supporting French farms.

Created in 1999 in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France, Agranix employs 12 people and produces nutritional and dietary ranges for animals and, in particular, ruminants and horses. The company has a production site and a warehouse located in the Lot-et-Garonne.

The company has recognized expertise in designing and manufacturing boluses, which are compressed mixtures of prepared powders, primarily intended for cattle, that slow the dissolution of trace elements in the rumen. It also specializes in dietetic products for the equine market.

This acquisition will give Agranix a new dimension as it will benefit from Neovia’s size and key expertise in purchasing raw materials and industrial organization as well as gaining access to new commercial networks.


“The integration into Neovia will help Agranix accelerate its growth, strengthen its expertise, improve the competitiveness of its solutions, and increase its market potential,” said Denis Savy, CEO of Agranix.

Expanded portfolio

In the context of the animal production crisis in France, Neovia wishes to play its role in defending the competitiveness of French livestock farmers and feed manufacturers. The acquisition of Agranix concretely illustrates this intention.

It will allow Neovia to offer an expanded portfolio of products and solutions in the high-value-added field of nutritional specialties. This field complements the company’s premix and mineral offerings, where the company has had a strong leadership position for several years, and usefully combines itself with Neovia’s premium offerings in additives and animal health.