Quick service restaurant chain Wendy’s announced that half of its U.S. chicken supply is now raised without the use of medically important antibiotics.

The company, in a press release that updates its progress in its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, added that it was on track to meeting its goal of having its entire U.S. chicken supply raised without antibiotics that are important in human medicine by the end of 2017, “while remaining committed to the necessary treatment of sick animals.” Wendy’s first announced that ambition in August 2016.

Wendy’s further stated that it will announce goals related to limiting antibiotic use in its pork and beef supplies later in 2017.


Wendy’s and cage-free eggs

Wendy’s also addressed its plans to source only cage-free eggs for its U.S. and Canadian restaurants by 2020 – an ambition it first announced in January 2016. In the press release, Wendy’s stated: “In 2017, Wendy’s will continue the journey toward 100-percent cage-free egg purchasing and will evaluate other evolving best practices for poultry housing.

However, Wendy’s did not give an update concerning what percentage of its current egg supply comes from cage-free operations.

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