News that the opening of the Chinese market to English pig meat has moved a step closer is a great boost for the industry, says BPEX. 

BPEX, together with Defra and the China Britain Business Council, have been working for four years to gain access to the Chinese market— a process that was set back by Foot and Mouth Disease.

Now, a protocol has been signed by both Trade Minister Lord Digby Jones and the Chinese Minister Li Changjiang. 


BPEX Chief Executive Mick Sloyan said, "This is marvelous news for the industry and something for which we have been working very hard. China is the biggest market in the world for pig meat, and one which will pay a premium for parts of the carcass which are less popular over here.” 

According to Sloyan, the next step will be the inspection and approval of abattoirs and packing plants. “We will be working with Defra and the Chinese authorities over the coming months and, once that is completed, the way will be open for pig meat to go to China.” 

Sloyan would like to thank Defra and the British Embassy in Beijing who have worked very hard to make this happen.