Jennie-O Turkey Store has introduced its All-Natural Turkey Sausage, a product that offers home cooks a great-tasting lean alternative to traditional pork sausage with lower fat content and a simple, clean ingredients list.

The new product contains only turkey, salt, sugar, a blend of spices and rosemary extract, according to a press release from the company.

In addition to its familiar ingredients, the newly formulated product delivers both improved flavor and nutritional benefits, with reduced sodium content and only 110 calories and 6 grams of fat per serving. It is also minimally processed and free of BHT, BHA and other common preservatives.

"As more of our customers begin to look toward foods with simple ingredients, we are thrilled to offer a delicious turkey sausage, free of preservatives," said Mary Wieland, brand manager at Jennie-O Turkey Store. "Home cooks will love how easily the product can be added to their go-to recipes — from a lean protein added to classic breakfast dishes to a quick and tasty homemade pizza topping — it's sure to become a favorite."


The brand's latest offering comes as interest in natural and clean label foods has grown over the last several years into a major food trend. As of December 2015, more than 30 percent of consumers were cautious about serving foods with preservatives compared to 24 percent 10 years prior, according to NPD Group. The research group's 2016 "Report on Eating Patterns in America" indicates consumers' focus on "purity" in food will continue. The annual study shows people are seeking out minimally processed items and expectations are growing for food labels to highlight natural, recognizable ingredients. Today, the "Clean Supreme" trend for clean-and-clear labels is No. 1 on the Innova Market Insights list of Top 10 Trends for 2017.3

Jennie-O All Natural Turkey Sausage is now available at stores across the country, including Walmart, Save-A-Lot, HEB, Publix, Target, Meijer, Food Lion, Safeway, Cub Foods, Roundy's, Albertsons and many others. Jennie-O All Natural Turkey Sausage Hot flavor will be available in late January 2017.