The Soybean Meal InfoCenter website has recently added Soybean Meal Value Apps at

These apps are intended to be an easy-to-understand conversation starter. The short-term goal of the apps is to get nutritionists and buyers communicating better so the buyer better understands what types of processor-controllable soybean meal value opportunities exist for his or her company. The long-term goal is for nutritionists, buyers and processors to team with each other to create win-win scenarios. 


A podcast that provides an introduction and shows how to use the apps also appears on that page. That podcast, along with our podcasts covering the advantages of soybean meal in domestic feed and the advances made in soybean sustainability since 1980, will be playing at the Soybean Meal InfoCenter booth at IPPE (Booth 7171).

Though U.S. soybean meal delivers a lot of benefits, the Soybean Meal InfoCenter continues striving to find ways to add value to rations. Right now it is seeking ways to improve the quality of the current soybean crop, create an environment that rewards better processing, develop and commercialize new trait-enhanced soybeans that deliver extra energy from soybean meal and more.