The happy egg co., the leader in humane free range egg production and the most widely carried free range egg brand, has been producing humanely raised eggs to consumers across the country since its launch in the U.S. in 2012. With the start of a new year, the happy egg co. is celebrating its 2016 achievements and milestones. From industry growth to consumer education, the happy egg co. continues to be the leader in high humane egg production.

Following the implementation of California's Proposition 2, the entire U.S., and most significantly California, has experienced significant market shifts in the egg category. As dollar share has decreased dramatically within caged commodity eggs, consumers have shifted to purchasing higher welfare cage-free and free range eggs. Caged eggs held 88% of United States dollar share in 2013 and with the implementation of prop 2, that number has since decreased to 74%, per Nielsen Scan Data. In California specifically, caged eggs held 79% of California's market share in 2013, and has since decreased to 63%. As a result, consumers are now, more than ever, demanding humane treatment of animals and are becoming more and more mindful of how their food is sourced; a concern that had been overlooked for decades. This shift mirrors similar purchasing behavior patterns in more developed egg markets, as free range eggs in the UK have grown to more than 56% of the market since the 90s. The shift has only just begun in the U.S. and the happy egg co. is pleased to be at the forefront.

In 2012, when the happy egg co. launched into the U.S., free range eggs were less than one percent of the market. Pioneering a brand-new segment, the happy egg co. has driven market change where free range is now more than seven percent of the market; and is continuing to increase. "The specialty egg category has evolved rapidly this past year. Consumers expect higher animal welfare standards when considering the foods they purchase for themselves and for their families," said Jen Danby, Chief Marketing Officer of the happy egg co. "Our continued mission for 2017 is to not only continue providing our consumers with eggs that meet their demands, but to identify, evolve and implement the highest standards in farming practices to ensure that humanely raised are available as the market continues to shift positively over the next few years."

Additional impacted areas of achievement for the San Francisco-headquartered happy egg co. in 2016 also include:

  • Commitment from more than 30K consumers to get #FlockingHappy
    To motivate consumers to make more humane purchasing decisions when buying eggs, the happy egg co. launched its nationwide #FlockingHappy movement in February. The #FlockingHappy movement was designed to not only educate consumers about the differences in egg carton labelling, but to urge consumers to commit to making more humane purchases to support the humane treatment of egg laying hens around the world. To anchor the importance of the movement, the happy egg co. partnered with Compassion in World Farming, to whom they pledged matching in a $1 donation for every signature they petitioned—up to $25,000—to support the organization's initiative to raise the bar on the living conditions for farm animals. Since launch, the #FlockingHappy movement has encouraged more than 30,000 consumers to commit to purchasing humanely produced eggs.
  • Named Compassion in World Farming's "Good Egg"
    The happy egg co. received "The Good Egg Award" by Compassion in World Farming for its commitment to providing humanely raised free range eggs to the U.S. market. As the first U.S. egg brand to win the globally celebrated award, the accolade recognizes the positive impact the happy egg co. has had on the U.S. market through its ethical leadership, supply chain transparency and higher farm animal welfare practices operated in the U.S where battery caged eggs still unfortunately hold a substantial percentage of the market.
  • Flock size and farm operations growth
    To meet the increasing supply and demand of specialty eggs, the happy egg co. increased its flock size and farming community to support its immense growth. Now operating in 31 free range on pasture farms and four organic farms, with a total of 700,000 hens, the happy egg co. farms operate to the highest humane farming specifications: American Humane Association Free Range certified, with 21.8 sq. ft. of space per hen, daily outdoor freedom to roam, plus unique added enrichment to enhance the lives of the happy egg co.'s hens.

Originally launched as the first American Humane certified, true free range egg producer in the U.S., the happy egg co. has grown its organic eggs offering exponentially this year. First launching its free range organic line exclusively in select California retail locations including Costco, Gelson's and Bristol Farms, national retailers, such as Walmart and Albertsons Safeway, offer the happy egg co.'s organic free range on pasture eggs to its shoppers. The happy egg co.'s organic offering is available in more than 1,600 stores across the country.