Adisseo is hosting a breakfast seminar on woody breast during the 2017 International Poultry and Processing Expo (IPPE).

At the Feb. 1 event, Dr. Christine Alvarado, Texas A&M University, will present “Woody Breast: Practical and effective strategies for reducing its incidence in high-yielding broilers.” This talk will focus on the effects that higher Arginine, vitamin C, total vitamins and/or digestible amino acid restriction can have on broiler performance, meat yield, the incidence and severity of woody breast and, ultimately, the economics of each strategy.

Roberto Montanhini Neto, Global Technical Manager, Adisseo, will present “Breakthrough technology to develop a new NSPase”. This talk will address how and why key NSP enzyme groups (xylanases and Arabinofuranosidases) within Rovabio Advance were developed and synergistically work together across several plant-based ingredients to degrade complex non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs).


Neto will also discuss what a consistently higher nutrient digestibility and availability through effective NSP degradation means for growth, production and the economics of production. Both topics will address FEEDASE as it relates to global feed digestibility.

Rob Shirley, Technical Manager, Adisseo, said, “These talks are timely and very important to the broiler industry.  As the poultry industry evolves and seeks answers to a number of issues, Adisseo will continue to take the initiative of exploring and providing novel information that positively impacts poultry performance, meat quality and the overall success of the poultry industry. This and other Adisseo seminars are designed to provide new information that poultry producers can readily use in their operations.”

The seminar will start at 7 a.m. in room C211-C213 of the Georgia World Congress Center. To reserve a space, please contact